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DIY Video: How to Make a Nautical Navy Bouquet

How to Make a Nautical Navy Bouquet

Drift away at sea with this DIY Nautical Navy Bouquet. This bouquet features roses, thistle, and greenery! This is the perfect bouquet for an elegant beach or waterfront wedding with its deep blue hues and creamy texture!

How many flowers do I need to make this bouquet?

  1. 7 stems cream roses
  2. 4 stems thistle dynamite
  3. 5 stems phlox
  4. 6 stems Italian ruscus

What floral supplies do I need to make this bouquet?

  1. Floral scissors to cut stems.
  2. Zip tie to secure the bouquet.
  3. Ribbon

How do I make a Nautical Navy Bouquet?

  1. Begin by pairing three roses with 2 stems of Italian Ruscus.
  2. Add in some thistle and continue to add in some more greens.
  3. Add a few stems of the phlox for added texture.
  4. Repeat the above steps until the bouquet is to the fullness that you want.
  5. Secure the stems with a zip tie.
  6. Cut the stems to your desired length.
  7. Tie the ribbon of your choice around the stems covering up the zip tie.

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