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DIY Video: How to Make a Pantone Living Coral Centerpiece

How to Make a Pantone Living Coral Centerpiece

Save money for your wedding budget by buying bulk wedding flowers to create arrangements, bouquets,and boutonnieres. This video shows you how using BloomsByTheBox.com's elegant Pantone Living Coral Wedding Flower pack!

How many flowers do I need to make this centerpiece?

  1. 10 peach “Rose Amsterdam” roses, 40 cm
  2. 10 coral “Coral Reef” roses, 40cm
  3. 5 stems orange snapdragon flowers
  4. 5 stems peach carnation flowers
  5. 7 stems green and white Variegated Pittosporum greenery
  6. 7 stems green Hypericum Berries
  7. 5 stems Green Trachellium filler flowers

What floral supplies do I need to make this centerpiece?

  1. A flower vase or container of your choice
  2. 1 block of Oasis Floral Foam, cut to fit your vase or container
  3. Floral shears for trimming your flowers and greens

How do I make a Living Coral Floral centerpiece?

  1. Prepare your floral foam and centerpiece.
  2. Soak your floral foam until it is completely saturated, then place firmly into your container.
  3. Clean and trim the flowers and greens.
  4. Remove all lower leaves from flower stems. Remove outer “guard petals” and thorns from roses. Trim stem lengths to approximately 4”-6”, varying in length.
  5. Place your focal flowers, like roses, firmly in the floral foam.
  6. Add your greenery and secondary flowers, distributing throughout the foam to build the shape and add texture to your arrangement.
  7. Add taller blooms like snapdragons to create height and visual interest.

Here are some other helpful hints for making your own DIY wedding flowers!

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