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DIY Video: How to Make a Pantone Living Coral Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Pantone Living Coral Wedding Bouquet

Learn how to create this simple yet elegant bouquet! This bouquet uses our Pantone Living Coral DIY Wedding Pack.

How many flowers do I need to make this bouquet?

  1. 6 coral“Rose Amsterdam” roses, 40 cm
  2. 6 coral “Coral Reef” roses, 40cm
  3. 4 stems orange snapdragon flowers
  4. 5 stems peach carnation flowers
  5. 3 stems green and white Variegated Pittosporum greenery
  6. 3 stems green Hypericum Berries
  7. 2 stems Green Trachellium filler flowers

What floral supplies do I need to make this bouquet?

  1. Zip Tie to hold bouquet in place.
  2. Floral tape to secure the bouquet and cover the zip tie.
  3. A bunch cutter to cut the stems.
  4. Ribbon to adorn the stems.
  5. Pins to secure ribbon.

How do I make a Living Coral Floral Bouquet?

  1. Begin by bunching a few stems of Amsterdam roses with 1-2 stems of the coral reef roses.
  2. Add in the carnations, snapdragons, and hypericum.
  3. Continue by adding in the white trachellium and variegated pittosporum to complete the look.
  4. Use a zip tie to secure the bouquet and wrap floral tape to cover the tie.
  5. Cut the stems to the desired length using the bunch cutters.
  6. Wrap the bouquet stems with the ribbon of your choice.
  7. secure the ribbon with floral pins

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