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Blooms Rustic Romance Wildflower Pack

A single package includes the following:

2 bunches of Delphinium Dark Blue
2 bunches of Stock Lavender
3 bunches of Spray Rose Lavender
3 bunches of Iris Telstar Dark Blue
3 bunches of Thistle
3 bunches of Pompon Daisy Lavender
2 bunches of Queen Anne's Lace White
2 bunches of Bupleurum
3 bunches of Pittosporum Green



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Common Names: Purple & Blue Wildflowers

Blooms By the Box Rustic Lavender and Blue Wildflower Pack is an essential to DIY wedding flowers! All the guesswork is taken out of buying flowers because all the quantities are picked for you!  These gorgeous DIY flowers look great in a DIY centerpiece or bouquet.
Pack Perks:
1. You can make 5 bouquets and 5 centerpieces or any combination of 10 arrangements! You can also make boutonniere's and corsages (for reference 1 arrangement uses about the same amount of flowers as 8-10 boutonnieres or 8-10 corsages)
2. Each pack was created with texture in mind! Get the professional look without the professional experience!
3. It is inexpensive and trendy to use wildflowers because they translate as rustic wedding flowers.
4. This pack is perfect for mason jar arrangements, which are inexpensive vases that will also save you money on purchasing containers.


Add the DIY Wedding Supply Kit to your flower order to make sure you have all the supplies you need for hydrating flowers, making bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages and others arrangements for your DIY wedding!

Size: 8-10 Arrangements
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 7-10 days
Price Class: $ $

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