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Spray Rose Light Pink

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches $25.48 per bunch
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Are you planning a DIY wedding or bridal shower? We carry a wide selection of beautiful flowers and supplies that let you create beautiful floral arrangements and decorations while staying within your budget. These light pink spray roses (wholesale) can be added to larger rose or hydrangea bouquets for added dimension and fullness. A light pink spray rose stem, featuring 3-5 smaller rose blossoms, adds a delicate, feminine touch. Each stem is 50 cm long, or approximately 19 inches. Pink is the color of happiness, gentleness and love, so it’s the perfect floral color for weddings or anniversary parties.

Size: 50 cm long stems (19.68 inches), 3-5 blooms per stem, small rose head

Vase Life: 5-7 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Use individual light pink spray roses on a DIY floral crown or flower headband. Wrap light pink spray rose stems with ivory linen, leaving the stems showing, as bouquets for bridesmaids at a wedding. Combine with hydrangeas, gypsophila and larger dark pink roses for a stunning bridal bouquet. Use a single stem of light pink spray roses in a miniature vase as place settings for a dinner party. 

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