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Stock Purple

Common Names: Double Stock

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 or more bunches
$28.47 per bunch
QUANTITY:   bunches
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Native to the Mediterranean region, Purple Stock are fragrant and beautiful, with double flowers formed on tall, strong spikes. They are clove scented flowers that mean "you will always be beautiful to me". There are about 6-10 blooms per stem climbing from mid-way to top. These beautiful DIY flowers are perfect to add in to any DIY bouquet or centerpiece.

Size: stem length is 15"-18" long

Vase life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions.

Availability: All year

Suggestions: Use double stock in tall arrangements, small bouquets, cascading bouquets or anything you wish. You can cut down the stock to use in shorter arrangements or leave their length to create a cascading bouquet. Purple stock in bulk is a great way to put sophistication into simple, inexpensive wedding arrangements.

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