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DIY Video: How to Transport Your DIY Flower Arrangements

How to Transport Your DIY Flower Arrangements

Transporting your flowers can be tricky, but luckily Blooms By The Box has got your back! Your flowers arrive in a custom Blooms box, and with a little DIY magic, it can be transformed into a way to safely transport vases to your venue. Follow this helpful guide and your blooms will be in perfect condition for your event!

What supplies do I need to transport my arrangements?

  1. Your BloomsByTheBox.com box.
  2. A Marker or pen to trace on the box.
  3. A box cutter.
  4. Insulation or packing materials to ensure your arrangements are packed tightly.,/li>

How do I transport my DIY flower arrangements?

  1. After arranging set the flowers aside. You can use your BloomsByTheBox.com box to transport your arrangements.Using a marker draw out the shape needed to fit the vase or container.
  2. Very carefully, use a box cutter to cut out the traced shape.
  3. Place insulation or packing material if needed into the box so that the arrangements fit nice and cozy!
  4. Place your arrangement into the box. It should be snug. You can place multiple arrangements in the box if necessary!

Here are some other helpful hints for making your own DIY wedding flowers!

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