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Mini Hydrangea Flower DIY Flower Pack

A single package includes the following:

20 Stems of Large Hydrangea
25 Stems of Mini Green Hydrangea
3 Bunches of Pittosporum



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The Mini Hydrangea DIY flower pack features 20 stems of traditional large hydrangeas, giving you the choice between white and blue, as well as 25 stems of mini green hydrangea. This pack can be used to create beautiful arrangements or bouquets. Each pack has been designed by one of our wedding flower experts and takes all the guesswork out of ordering quantities!

This pack makes 5-6 medium sized arrangements or bouquets. The nature of hydrangeas does not allow for a long-lasting boutonniere or corsage; however, One stem can make up to 12 boutonnieres or corsages.

A single pack contains; 20 stems of large hydrangeas, 25 stems of mini green hydrangeas, and approx. 45-60 stems of pittosporum.

Size: 5-6 Arrangements
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-9 days
Price Class: $

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