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Traditional Orchid & Mini Calla Lily DIY Wedding Pack

A single package includes the following:

5 bunches of Dendrobium Orchid
6 bunches of Mini Calla Lily
3 Bunches of Bear Grass
2 Bunches of Variegated Pitt



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The Traditional Orchid & Mini Calla Lily DIY wedding pack includes your choice of color for 50 dendrobium orchids and 60 mini calla lilies. This pack is totally customizable and features 2 different types of greens that complement orchids and calla lilies. All of our packs have been carefully curated by our wedding flower experts.

This pack makes 8-10 medium-sized arrangements or bouquets. This means you can make 4-5 medium-sized arrangements and 4-5 medium-sized bouquets or any combination of the two. Each stem of orchid can make 5-10 boutonnieres or corsages depending on how many blooms are on the stem. 1 stem of calla lily will make 1 boutonniere or corsage.

A single pack will contain; 50 stems of dendrobium orchids, 60 stems of mini calla lily, approx. 135-150 stems and approx. 30-40 stems of variegated pittosporum.

Size: 8-10 Arrangements
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 7-10 days
Price Class: $ $

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