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Garland Three Greens - 16 Feet

Garland Three Greens - 16 Feet

A single package includes the following:

1 Ea of Green #1
1 Ea of Green #2
1 Ea of Green #3



  • * Actual product may vary from image.
  • * 3 Day Advance Purchase Required.
  • * Earliest delivery when ordered by 2PM ET tomorrow is Aug 27.

Common Names: Bay Leaf,Bush Ivy,Magnolia,Salal,Seeded Eucalyptus,Olive,Rosemary,Safari Sunset

Create a striking visual display at any event when you decorate using our Three Greens Garland. We give you the freedom to be your own floral designer by allowing you to select the three greens that you like best. After you choose your favorite combination of three, we get to work hand assembling your garland. Each garland is made using the freshest greens and can be used a myriad of ways.

Some of our favorite looks include draping them along staircase railings or across fireplace mantels, using them as centerpieces for tables accented with candles, accenting the head table at a wedding and so much more. Depending on your vision, you can use our garland on its own or accent it with flowers and other filler. Add a few sunflowers, orange roses and yellow button pompons for a Thanksgiving table, accent them with pink wax flowers, larkspur, and ranunculus for a spring bridal shower or fill them with light blue delphinium and white calla lilies for a beach wedding.

Please note: This is ONE GARLAND with three different types of greens. All of our garlands are handmade and require a lead time of three days.

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