Learn “How-To” make this DIY Floral Chair Garland featured on Emmaline Bride. We always have fun working with Emmaline Bride sharing our DIY ideas. This floral garland can accentuate the bride and groom’s chair, a sweetheart table or ceremony chairs for the guests. Learn how to make this fun, super easy floral chair garland. Make this floral garland with greenery, roses, carnation, delphinium, and hypericum.

DIY Floral Chair Garland


Here is a quick outline of what you will need to get started to make this beautiful DIY Floral Chair Garland.

What you will need:

Rose Amsterdam Coral
Yellow Mini Carnations
Peach Fancy Carnations
White Hypericum
Hybrid Dark Blue Delphinium
Italian Ruscus
Variegated Pittosporum (Optional)
Stem wrap
Floral Scissors
Floral Wire


Begin by laying out your flowers, greens, and supplies. The first step is to have fun making your floral chair garland!


Bundle Italian Ruscus Together

Create a free-flowing green garland. Bundle together the Italian ruscus stems.


Add Flowers

To secure the flowers, twist the floral wire around the garland.

Check out the full feature with “step-by-step” instructions, click on Emmaline Bride!

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