March is here and spring is quickly approaching, which means we have so many March flowers to look forward to! The spring season brings an abundance of fresh blooms, so we can expect to see a few of our favorite flowers popping up in the next few weeks! Here a few of the flowers we can look forward to seeing in March!


Anemones come in pink, burgundy, hot pink, blue, red, and the ever popular white with either a green or black eye. A symbol for the arrival of spring in ancient Green, their delicate and whimsical look make them a perfect for a spring wedding!


The bright yellow, star shaped Daffodil is perfect for adding a pop of color to any arrangement.

Dusty Miller

A green that pairs well with anything, Dusty Miller adds a soft, muted color and velvet-like texture to any bouquet.



Because of its small, numerous blooms and fluffy, round shape, Viburnum is often mistaken for mini-hydrangeas. The white flower can go with virtually anything and its pale green undertones, compliment greenery.


It’s globe shape and multiple tiny blooms make Allium resemble the wild Dandelions you might blow on to make a wish. They come in lavender and white, and are a great way to add texture to any arrangement.


These tall, hardy flowers are made up of numerous of tiny blossoms. Eremurus grow in bright yellow or orange, so they’re a great choice for a bold statement or bright wedding


Soft, frilly edges and pale white petals make Godetia perfect for a romantic arrangement.


Not only does Hyacinth smell amazing with its sweet fragrance, it’s hue ranges from lavender to dark blue, making it perfect for spring!


The frayed petals of the Scabiosa flower come in burgundy, blue, white, pink, lavender and red. Pair them with their counterpart, Scabiosa Pods, for a rustic look.





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