How to Make a Romantic DIY Pedestal Centerpiece
featuring the Pantone Colors of the Year

The arrival of this years Pantone Color of the Year has us swooning. Not one but TWO gorgeous colors to flood all of our Pinterest feeds, and we are loving every second of it! We thought what better way to celebrate 2016 then by matching these colors with some flowers and making a new tutorial. For the Serenity color we used some lovely light blue Delphinium and for the Rose Quartz we used our favorite Bridal Piano garden roses.┬áThis tutorial is for one of the best floral trends – asymmetrical pedestal centerpieces. These arrangements are perfect for long wedding tables, welcome tables, sweetheart and head tables.

For this tutorial we used the following flowers, filler, and green:

Seeded-Eucalyptus Blooms Best SellerLight-Blue-DelphiniumSpray-Roses-WhiteBridal Piano Bunch
Seeded Eucalyptus, Light Blue Delphinium, White Spray Roses, Bridal Piano Light Pink Garden Roses

diy pedestal centerpiece

Use the following pictorial to see how to make this DIY Pedestal Centerpiece. Note that we used floral foam in the gold pedestal vase. This is the best technique for a larger lush centerpiece like this because the foam will hold the stems in place and allow you to use bigger blooms and longer stems.

diy pedestal centerpiece flowers

The key to making an asymmetrical centerpiece is not being picky. Using stems that have unpredictable and not uniform shapes and sizes are also key, which is why we used seeded eucalyptus- each stem bends and branches out in different ways. So to start making your centerpiece, line the outside of the foam with the seeded eucalyptus. Use the longest stems to branch out on opposing sides of each other (heading east and west) to make the centerpiece longer and use the smaller stems in the front and back.

Next you arrange the long stemmed filler flower. Here we used delphinium, other great substitutions are larkspur or snapdragons. Again, arrange the longest stems in the foam at an angel going east and west. We used about 6 stems, 3 on each side, all of different lengths.

Now use the spray roses to fill in the middle section. The multi-bloom stem helps the imperfect shape of your arrangement. The spray roses do not need to be at the same height or in any sort of pattern.

Time for adding some of those beautiful garden roses. Add them anywhere there is room. Similarly, you don’t need to make a pattern or avoid 2 blooms being too close to each other. We started by adding about 8 stems of the garden roses.

As you can see by the photo, most of the blooms have been placed standing up tall, giving some height to the centerpiece. So now it’s time to fill in the open bottom section where the stems and foam are visible. This is when you start placing blooms in the north south direction to cover the rim of the pedestal vase. After there is no visible foam left, add your last touches of greenery or filler to finish the centerpiece.

Colors of the Year Centerpiece-DIY Pedestal Centerpiece Tutorial

Stay tuned for more arrangements and DIY tutorials featuring these gorgeous colors!

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