Part 2 of Blooms Blog’s “What Types of Flowers Should I Use for My Wedding” Series: Wedding Flowers By Season

Let’s take a closer look at one of the top 5 questions you need to think about when choosing what types of flowers you’ll use for your bridal bouquets and other wedding flowers:  What flowers are in season and going to be available for my wedding?  When buying wholesale flowers for your DIY projects, seasonality is a really important consideration when choosing what to use.  You might love, love, love! Tulips, but unless you’re getting married in late winter through spring (yes! tulips are available from January until early May), you can forget it.  Some popular flowers grown in South America or inside hothouses are available now year-round, like most roses, lilies, and hydrangea.  Let’s look at wedding flowers by season to get you started!

Spring Wedding Flowers

…(March-May) Are a no-brainer; tulips, hyacinth, daffodils, and viburnum are all a go-to for spring weddings.  Beware, though – the hyacinth and daffodil seasons are short and are usually gone during April. Anemones and ranunculus are most abundant in springtime, with a full palette of colors available. All of these pair perfectly with other year-round flowers and greens.  Some “don’ts” for spring?  Astilbe, heather, and Queen Anne’s lace don’t come back in until late spring into summer.

Wedding flowers by season: Spring

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Summer Wedding Flowers

(Jun-Aug) Take the cake, as it’s generally growing season for our local favorites and prime season for year-round classics. We love the look of a wildflower wedding in pretty much any color. Summer wildflowers include Veronica, astilbe and scabiosa flowers.  During the summer months, the widely popular and trendy green seeded eucalyptus can be unavailable at times as this is usually between growing seasons, but you can always use silver dollar eucalyptus or any of the other eucalyptus greens to give you that romantic texture and soft color. Sunflowers, dahlias, and everyone’s favorite Peonies are all summer-loving flowers as well. Dahlias come in a wide array of colors making it a summertime staple focal flower; they’re also very hardy and easy to work with!

Wedding Flowers by Season: Summer

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Fall Wedding Flowers

(Sep-Nov) Bring in the warmth of rich color and fabulous texture.  Chrysanthemum colors are “to die for” during the fall months. Fall also brings seasonal classics such as safflower, yarrow, cattail, wheat, broomcorn, and solidago. Anemone lingers into the fall months but is generally gone come October. Peonies also leave us around the end of September and come back around November. Garden roses are year-round flowers and make excellent substitutions for peonies during this time. Color palettes for fall tend to be natural, darker shades such as deep purple, burgundy, brown, yellow and burnt orange but don’t be afraid to mix in some softer ivory or pale pink colors; it softens everything up nicely!

Wedding Flowers by Season: Fall / Autumn

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Winter Wedding Flowers

(Dec-Feb) Have a special place in our hearts. Holiday greens, garlands, and wreaths, swoon! Amaryllis is a winter classic and pairs beautifully with deeper holiday greens. Peonies are usually back in-season by December, imported from overseas, but be aware they are generally much smaller in size and colors can be limited as well. Holiday greens look classic and beautiful when paired with white or red roses. Color palettes for the winter months tend to be holiday looking with green and red but can also stray from that tradition with soft pale pink, ivory, white and peach vibes.  And believe it or not, popular “spring” flowers start coming in mid-to-late winter – tulips and daffodils are ready to be had in February!

Wedding Flowers by Season: Winter

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To see more wedding flowers by season, here is a list of over 100 wholesale flower varieties and their availability by month.

And, look here for great inspiration featuring photos of spring wedding flowers, summer wedding flowers, fall wedding flowers, and winter wedding flowers.

Up next… What types of flowers are DIY friendly?


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