How to Make a Corsage
Have some fun and save some money this prom and wedding season!
Here is a simple photo tutorial on how to make a corsage for your wrist.

how to make a corsage 1

Here we used: 1 stem Rose Creme de la Creme, 1 stem peach Spray Rose, 1 stem peach Hypericum, and the Blooms DIY Corsage and Boutonniere Kit (includes wristlets, wire, pins, and stem wrap)

how to make a corsage 2

After pruning and cutting each stem, we wrapped the rose and spray roses with the stem wrap to have a more sturdy stem to work with.

how to make a corsage 3

We also took off two leaves from the rose stem to use as some extra greenery.

how to make a corsage 4

Now comes the fun. There is no formula to this part. It is just a matter of working with the different shapes of the flowers until you get the look you desire. We started by wrapping the rose and the hypericum together, with the hypericum sticking above the rose to make our piece taller.

how to make a corsage 5 how to make a corsage 6 how to make a corsage 7

Then we placed the spray roses in various directions, working around the shape of the rose so they all positioned in there nicely.

how to make a corsage 8

Because the spray roses were going in different directions, we wired around them around the wrapped rose with the hypericum.

how to make a corsage 9

Then we attached two of the leaves in opposite directions to hide some of the wire and tape. (This can be done with a floral adhesive and some kinds of hot glue)

how to make a corsage 10

The wristlet goes against the back of the wired piece.

how to make a corsage 11

The four prongs get bent down to form around the wired flower piece.

how to make a corsage 12

Now is when you can use ribbon to fill in the rest of the shape and cover a multitude of wrongs. Here we folded a piece of ribbon (about a yard long) multiple times and wired it around the wristlet. Other options are to pin the ribbon to the stems of flowers (that is what we did with the peach ribbon below), glue or tie the ribbon to the wristlet.

how to make a corsage 13

Cut the stems to an appropriate length.

how to make a corsage final

Add the rest of your ribbon or decorative pieces and you are done!

We would recommend making these the morning of or evening prior to the event (prom, wedding, etc.) They can be temporarily stored in the fridge until they need to be worn. We have corsage boxes that are used to store and transport your lovely DIY pieces!

Questions? Let us know!

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