Learn how to make a flower garland with this easy tutorial!  We’ve had so many requests for help creating garlands for weddings and other events that we put together these step-by-step instructions to show you how.

For this garland, we used Oasis GarlandItalian RuscusHydrangea Mojito GreenGarden Rose Baronesse Hot PinkRose Creme de la CremePurple StaticePurple LimoniumGypsophila (Baby’s Breath), and Tree Fern.

how to make a flower garland 2

To being making your flower garland, cut the foam netting to the desired length (for this tutorial we used 4 cylinders). Once you have your desired length, drop the foam into a bucket of water big enough for the foam to fill and become fully submerged. After all of the foam cylinders are submerged, pull 0ut the garland and allow some of the excess water to drip off.

how to make a flower garland 3

Start your floral garland by adding shorter sprigs of greenery to the foam. Put the pieces in at an angle (shown below), so the garland looks like it is laying down and so that you cover the connecting netting. You do not need to rotate the foam cylinder to cover the full surface area around; there will be a strip of empty foam that is uncovered where the garland will rest.

how to make a flower garland 4

Continue adding the greenery to each of the foam pieces until they are mostly covered (shown below).

how to make a flower garland 5

Now add the larger featured blooms! Because hydrangea heads are so large, we cut the large blooms into pieces.

how to make a flower garland 6

Then place the smaller sectioned pieces throughout the garland.

how to make a flower garland 7

Now it’s time to add the garden roses. Cut the stem, leaving 2-3 inches under the bloom. You can prune the cut stem or leave on the roses leaves. We chose to remove them.

how to make a flower garland 8

Stick the roses in the foam in between and across from the other featured bloom.

how to make a flower garland 9

Then go ahead and fill in the spots where there is visible foam. We used roses for the bigger spots and our fillers for the remaining areas.

flower garland 10

Want some more texture? Add in a few pieces of fern.

flower garland 11

A garland this size would look great on a head table or as a substitute for a vase centerpiece. Drape the garland over an arbor for a wedding ceremony. Or attach it to the back of some chairs to add an extra romantic touch!

flower garland close up

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