Sticking to a DIY budget is never fun. It’s especially unexciting when you’re trying to pull off that amazing day you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little kid! Getting the most bang for your buck on the big day is crucial, so we’ve got some ideas for how to make the most of your wholesale flower order with Blooms by the Box. If the price of your DIY wedding is becoming a point of contention between you and your fiance or your families, try some of these tips to create more room in the budget!

  1. Flower wall? Try flower curtain

    Listen, we get it – flower walls are stunning. They’re also pricey. Looking for some blooms to make the wall behind your sweetheart table pop, or want a stunning backdrop for a photo booth? Check out our tutorial on how to create a carnation curtain backdrop! Spreading out these inexpensive cuties will give you the same fun and floral focus at a fraction of the price! Check out our tutorial on creating a carnation curtain here.

  2. While you’re at it, simplify all the big-ticket items

    Don’t stop at your carnation curtain! Is your dream floral arch for the ceremony not fitting into the budget? Tone it down by replacing the blooms with wholesale greens, or frame the arch with fabric instead for a romantic, delicate look.

    Simplify your floral arch by using inexpensive greens and sheer fabric!

    As seen on, photographed by Emily Ann Hughes Photography

  3. Fabric and candles and frames, oh my!

    While we’re on the subject of fabric, incorporating textiles and hard goods into arrangements can cut costs without losing style. Candles and picture frames from the dollar store can be used to maximize the visual effect of small floral arrangements, while bright colored table clothes (that can be rented and returned!) can make a simple, single-color arrangement pop.

  4. Be flexible

    You’ve heard of supply and demand, but would you have ever guessed that it applies to wedding flowers? For example, peonies: they’re only available for 5 or 6 months throughout the year, and when they are, everybody wants them. This makes peonies one of the most expensive wedding flowers. If you have your heart set on a floral wedding favorite, but your budget won’t allow it, take a step back and analyze the style and feeling you’re trying to achieve. Looking for a fluffy, romantic feeling? Bunch carnations together to mimic peonies. Absolutely must have a faint, gorgeous scent coming from your bouquet? Add in a few stems of freesia that are 75% less expensive than garden roses!

  5. Stick to one or two types of flowers

    Like buying 100 rolls of toilet paper at Costco, most flowers and greens will become less expensive as you order more of them. It also streamlines the floral prep process and ensures that all of your arrangements will coordinate well with each other. Looking to pull off romantic, lush floral arrangements in bright colors on a dime? Order assorted carnations in bulk. Prefer a more classic, streamlined look? Bulk roses in a single color can save you a boatload!

    Maximize your DIY budget by cutting down the types of wholesale flowers you order!

    As seen on Wedding Chicks, photographed by Shannon Moffit.

  6. Add fruits and veggies

    Food and flowers are two of the most important elements of any wedding or DIY event – so why not combine the two!? Peppers, artichokes, pumpkins, and fruit can add amazing textures and pops of color into your arrangements, and can also cut your floral budget in half. Looking to save even more? Stick to fruits and veggies that are in season – like cranberries for the winter, fresh herbs in the spring, pineapples in the summer, and peppers and gourds for the fall!

    Maximize your DIY budget by including fruits and veggies in to your floral arrangements!

    As seen on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Sarah Box Photography.

  7. Use flowers and greens that go a long way

    Ranunculus, chablis spray roses, and Italian ruscus are stunning additions to any DIY floral arrangement, but they can get very pricey quickly if you’re creating a large number of arrangements. If you simply can’t imagine your wedding bouquet without ranunculus, that’s fine – but adding in budget-friendly flowers, fillers, and greens that go a long way can help keep your DIY wedding budget in check. For example, using two or three purple ranunculus in your bouquet, and offsetting them with hydrangeas, pittosporum, and limonium will drastically reduce your price per arrangement! Other flowers and greens that go a long way include carnations, football mums, baby’s breath, and huck.

    Maximize your DIY wedding budget by using flowers that go a long way!

    As seen on Style Me Pretty, photographed by Emily Delamater.

  8. Focus on what’s important to you

    Do you have family and friends continually giving you lists of “must haves” on the big day, but don’t know where you’re going to find the funds for everything? Sticking to the elements that are most important to you and your soon-to-be can put some money back in your pocket. Your big day is exactly that – yours (and your fiance’s)! If a beautiful bouquet, a boutonniere that stands out for the love of your life, and being surrounded by everyone that you love on your wedding day are your only must-haves, doing without the expensive stationery and the five-course meal will simplify the planning process, save you a ton, and make your celebration unique to the two of you!


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