Learn How to Make a Romantic Boutonniere with these easy DIY Photo Tutorial!

DIY Boutonniere Tutorial with purple lisianthus

To make this romantic boutonniere you will need:
Fillers (heather and baby’s breath)
Plumosus fern or other green
stem wrap


If you haven’t worked with lisianthus before, you will learn that the blooms are delicate. Their delicacy is what gives them such a romantic and whimsical look. So to protect their beauty, we take extra precautions when working with them by wiring the blooms. You will see in the following pictures how to do so. You will push a straight piece of wire through the part just above where the green stem ends. And then once you have folded both pieces of the wire down you will use the stem wrap to tape it against the stem.

how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-3 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-4 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-5

After wrapping your wired lisianthus, you can pick a filler and add it around the bloom. To make this romantic boutonniere you are going to want to have 2 or 3 of these small bunches with one bloom, filler and/or green. And then you will combine the smaller pieces to make one bigger lush boutonniere. To prevent the stem on the boutonniere from being too thick, you can cut away the stems of the fillers once you have the top of them secured (as you will see below).

how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-6 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-7 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-8 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-9 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-10

Now below, you have the 3 separate bunches of of the boutonniere staggered together to create the one big boutonniere.  Once you have them positioned how you want them, you can wrap your final piece of stem wrap around all of the little bunches. Then cut the bottom of the stems to make it even.

how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-11 how-to-make-a-romantic-boutonniere-12

Add some ribbon to match your theme, or a little piece of lace to give your romantic boutonniere your own personal touch!


Remember, lisianthus comes in a variety of gorgeous colors- this purple is one of the deepest and truest purples you can find in nature! We also have white, cream, pink, AND peach. They look amazing in bouquets, centerpieces, and flower crowns. Shop our collection here and pick the bunch that will match your wedding theme!

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