Easy Steps for Making a Small Hydrangea Centerpiece

If you need a pretty (but cheap) centerpiece for a shower, party, or wedding- this pretty arrangement is perfect for you! While the simple 1 stem hydrangea centerpiece or mason jar full of roses is cute and never disappoints- here is a way of putting those together to make small hydrangea centerpiece that can really stand out on the table!

how to make a small hydrangea centerpiece - the flowers3

To make this small hydrangea centerpiece you need: 1 large white hydrangea, 3 roses, 3 carnations, 4 spray roses, 1 small-medium sized vase, floral scissors. That’s only 11 stems! AND it only costs about $20! You could make 4 of these with 4 hydrangea and one bunch of each flower for under $100. Now that is a steal.

how to make a small hydrangea centerpiece final

Watch the quick video tutorial below to see our technique and how easy this centerpiece really is!

Thanks for watching How to Make a Small Hydrangea Centerpiece! Watch some more flower tutorial videos here!

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