Make Your Wedding Flower Colors Truly Yours

So who needs help deciding on their wedding flower colors? We have become pros of the flower + people + wedding combo! With years of experience helping couples make their dreams come true {on a budget} we have acquired some knowledge that might be helpful and fun for your planning process!

Picking wedding flower colors is one of the hardest parts of the wedding planning for most of our couples. When you haven’t seen the flowers in person, and much of preparation depends on your imagination, having some guidance is SUPER helpful (if this sounds like you, please call us, email us, chat us, we want to help!)

Check out some of our favorite personality-flower color matches! Which one best fits you?


green and white flowers, laid back wedding

PHOTO BY: Anna Kidman Photography

You tend to be a little more laid back, and your wedding doesn’t change that. You are looking for something simple, natural and effortless. We predict you are going to gravitate toward green flowers and white flowers that match everything with ease. Perfectly effortless wildflowers suit your easy-going, no-fuss style.



pink flowers, bright wedding bouquet

PHOTO BY: Dana Cubbage Weddings

You are bold, and it’s YOUR big day. As an innovator you are not worried about traditional white flowers – you are excited to show off your personality as a couple! You two might either be travelers, social butterflies, or super active. We are betting that you are going for BOLD, BRIGHT colors. We suggest going for hot pink flowers, yellow flowers, and orange flowers.



purple flowers, traditional wedding bouquet

PHOTO BY: Jenny Demarco Photography

You two, as a couple, are pretty practical. Planning this wedding is effortless, you know what to expect and what not to expect, and you are making your commitment to each other the center of this celebration.  You tend to be more traditional – and we see you going for the blue flowers, purple flowers, and white flowers. These colors mix your traditional nature with cool tones that will match your calmness the day of…  after all, you are the practical planner that left nothing to question. Now hone that practical side and download our DIY flower guide today!



cream flowers, bouquet, summer wedding flower colors

PHOTO BY: Apryl Ann Photography

If you consider yourself a fashion lover, you are probably following the top blogs and styles. By now you have fallen in love with fluffy florals in neutral, peach, blush and cream tones. We are betting that you will select cream flowers, peach flowers, and greenery that create texture and shape. As a fashionista/fashionista on a budget, you are going to need some guidance to keep your expensive taste in check. Call the BloomsByTheBox flower experts today for help!


Didn’t see something that fits you here? Don’t worry; we still have some insight for you, the good news is that we love ALL personality types! Call, email, or chat with us at

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