Wedding Academy's annual wedding trend report

Check out our own Joan Wyndrum on wedding academy’s annual wedding trend report for 2019

We’ve been featured on Wedding Academy’s annual wedding trend report. Among industry influencers such as Mindy Weiss and Colin Cowie, our own Joan Wyndrum has contributed her forecast of trends for the 2019 wedding season. “Dahlias are the quintessential focal flower for any arrangement because of their wide color variety and intricate layers.” This report is chock full of advice for our 2019 brides so go check it out, you’ll be sure to find lots of floral inspiration for your wedding!

Wedding Academy's annual wedding trend report

Photographed by: Nuria Cienfuegos


We have all eyes on 2019 brides to see what fun color palettes will be popular this year. Here at blooms, we know greenery will certainly live on as a 2019 floral trend, Joan predicts “Tropical greenery like monstera and palmetto bring a fresh feel to any arrangement and can look vibrant or minimalist depending on what you pair them with.” Jewel tones such as emerald, yellow, and burgundy will reign again this year. Crystal toned florals will be a huge new trend with shades such as rose quartz and amethyst taking the stage with a softer green to compliment the beautiful blooms. For some of our favorite flowers in these crystal shades, check out Akito roses and  Moonaqua carnations. Look for a blog on our 2019 floral trends forecast coming soon. For last years hottest trend click here

Wedding Academy's annual wedding trend report

Photographed by: Sotiris Tsakinikas

Blooms By The Box’s Joan Wyndrum says “While we love a big, wild bouquet, we’ve noticed a lot of brides opting for a simpler style when it comes to their bridal bouquet. Oversized single stem bouquets with a few accent flowers surrounding it.” Click here to see the full write up and what other flower trends she predicts will be big in 2019.

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