We are thrilled to be featured on Signature Bride! This post is all about reducing plastic based waste and being more environmentally friendly throughout your wedding planning process! Our very own Joan Wyndrum gives great advice on steps that you can take so that your DIY wedding flowers are plastic free.

reducing plastic based waste

You may be thinking, but aren’t flowers a natural product? How could they produce plastic waste? While that is true, there are other factors involved. Joan says:

“Whether It’s a zip tie to hold the bouquet together or a plastic holder to grip as you walk down the aisle.”

You may not realize it, but plastic products are everywhere!

How can we avoid this type of waste when DIYing your wedding flowers? Joan suggests:

“Asking your florist to use a luxurious raffia ribbon to tie blooms together when arranging them. Use local seasonal flowers that are sourced directly from flower markets to avoid plastic waste. Avoid floral foam for centerpieces by using sea glass, crystals or other natural materials to keep flowers in place without sacrificing the beauty of your floral arrangements. Let your guests take the flowers home so they can continue to enjoy them while you’re off on your honeymoon.”

reducing plastic based waste

Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Megan Reeves Photography

Finally, another suggestion is to use real rose petals for the exit toss instead of other unrecyclable items.

“Your guests will love tossing rose petals in the air to shower you with love during the exit ceremony. This is a classic and eco-friendly touch that makes for beautiful photos. You’re likely already ordering rose petals for your flower girls to toss, so this is an easy plastic-free add-on to your floral order.”

reducing plastic based waste

Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Melanie Duerkopp

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How will you manage the waste created from your wedding? Let us know! We would love to hear from you all!

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