Celebrate with carnations! It is an elegant bloom with lots of expression from “I love you” to “Best Friends” or simply “I am thinking of you today.” This flower is more than a decoration; it is an excellent budget-friendly option for any party or wedding. Carnations come in almost any desired color and are perfect for focal flowers or filler flowers. The versatilely and hardiness of carnations make it the best bloom for long-lasting arrangements used for many events such as weddings, anniversary parties, birthday parties, bridal or baby showers. There are so many ideas on how to use carnations are endless!!! Here are a few ideas we would like to share with you.

Carnation Wedding Bouquet

Photo: Pinterest, Fresca Farms saved to trendy Ideas with carnations


Cluster carnations together tightly and pair them with a few stems of your favorite flower and greens to make your wedding party flowers. They look beautiful paired with ranunculus, mums, roses, hypericum, stock, and silver or seeded eucalyptus.


Monochromatic Carnation Bouquet

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Monochromatic bouquets are super-easy and fun to make! The ruffle and texture of carnations are simply beautiful and humble when tightly bunched together with flowers that complement each other — pair mini carnations with spray roses, ranunculus, garden roses, and your favorite greens.


Carnation Pomander

Photo: Biglittlethings


Carnation pomanders can be dazzled with floral jewelry to make your wedding look expensive and trendy while being budget savvy. We love to see Pomanders made of hardy carnations for flower girls, reception chairs, doorways and more! Check out the tutorial on Budget Savvy Bride on how to make a carnation pomander.


Wedding Hanging Decorations

Carnation Flower wall featured on Emmaline Bride, Photo by Elyse Hall


Surprise your guests with a DIY carnation wall. It is an easy and affordable way to incorporate a big flower statement for your wedding, shower, or birthday party! Check out our tutorial- DIY Carnation Curtain.


Fun Facts about Carnations


Their scientific name, Dianthus, translates to “the flowers of God” and carnations in general stand for fascination and a woman’s love. Carnations come in many different colors with different meanings and different symbolism expressing emotions of love, attraction, and friendship.

Light red carnations represent admiration and friendship, but deep reds signify passion and romantic love.

Pink carnations represent a mother’s love, in keeping with the story of Mary and Jesus. Pink carnation flowers represent a woman’s love in general.

Purple carnations are less clear-cut and represent capriciousness, or people view them as a natural sign of beauty.

White carnations express love, innocence, gratitude, luck, and faithfulness which is perfect for wedding flowers.

Yellow & Peach carnations are suited for sweet, platonic perfect for friends who you want to express your feelings.

Celebrate your love with carnations for any special event!!! 

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