We’d like to take a second to pay tribute to one of the most popular and widely used wedding flowers, the infamous garden rose. There really is just so much to love about these beauties! From their layers and layers of petals to their vast variety selection, they make the most wonderful addition to any bridal bouquet.


One of the many reasons we love a good garden rose is their sweet aroma. Garden rose fragrance ranges from sweet candy-like smell to woody and earthy. While most garden roses are fragrant, they have an ever so slight enticing sort of aroma that isn’t too powerful. Next time you order garden roses don’t forget to stop and…

Peony Look-Alike

Another reason to adore the garden rose is it’s striking similarity to another wedding favorite, the peony. As everyone knows, the beloved peony has a rather short season and tends to be finicky in the beginning and end of its seasonality. This causes a major issue for florists and DIY brides alike. When a bride wants a peony it’s hard to get your hands on them when they aren’t available anywhere! Luckily, the garden rose boasts beautiful layered and ruffled petals that resemble those of the peony. They also come in all the same shades as peonies. While peonies and garden roses have different aromas, they are both fragrant as well.



Pink? Peach? White? Cream? Yellow? Red? They are all here with multiple varieties! Garden roses have one of the widest selections. They come in almost every shade of pink, white, and peach. The bicolor garden roses are also to die for. The Japanese princess varieties are stunning and add so much vibrant color to any arrangement. They are perfect for a monochromatic bouquet of all white or mixing together for a tasteful palette of pink, peach, and white. The rich hues of garden roses are always swoon-worthy and really bring color to life.



The best reason to love garden roses, in our opinion, is their versatility. They can be used to bring sophistication to any style. While they lend themselves wonderfully to a soft, romantic palette, they also pair perfectly with a whimsy, wildflower look, a rustic countryside wedding, a festive, fall gathering. They can be used in a chic, ballroom or a backyard party. Garden roses are always appropriate and add so much texture to a floral arrangement.

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