Perhaps one of the most quintessential flowers for wedding design, carnations are symbolic to expressing love and fascination. Think cheerleader pompoms or bushy bunny tails- these colorful beauties have rounded and frilled edges that will enhance any floral arrangement! Not only that, but they pair well with almost any flower or greenery. Pair carnations with roses, ranunculus, mums, baby’s breath, and eucalyptus.


Fancy Carnations from L to R: carnation orange, carnation purple, carnation green, carnation yellow, and carnation pink.


These perfect blooms are available all year long, meaning they work in any season and in any design! They’re long vase life of anywhere from 5-12 days makes them the perfect choice for your DIY wedding flowers! Carnations are one of the most dynamic flowers when it comes to color selection! Find these in red, white, yellow, orange, pink, peach, burgundy, purple and lavender just to name a few. Wholesale fancy carnation bloom’s sizes can span anywhere from 2.3 to 3.5 inches in width which makes them a great focal flower.


Maybe you want smaller blooms or just another way to incorporate carnations into your special day? Mini carnations would be the perfect choice for you! Mini carnations have tiny blooms that are about 1 to 2 inches in width. Also, known as spray carnations, they have multiple blooms per stem. This makes them great filler flowers!


A lesser known DIY tip is that carnations when bunched together in 3’s and 4’s, makes lovely subs or dupes for peonies! This is not only a cost-effective way to get that fluffy peony look, but it is also a very suitable option for when peonies are not in season. Look here to learn how to create your own faux peonies!


How many carnations do I need?


Type of ArrangementHow Many Stems?
Bridal Bouquet 20-30 Stems
Bridesmaid's Bouquet15-25 Stems
Small- Medium Sized Centerpiece10-20 Stems
Boutonniere or Corsage1-3 Stems


Creatively Cute Carnation Examples


Gorgeous Carnations Bouquet


This bride chose to use both pink and white carnations mixed with white wax flowers for a soft and subtle look for her wedding bouquet. This light and airy arrangement is great for any garden or rustic themed event!


Featured on Ruffled Blog and photographed by Brandon Chesbro.

DIY Carnation Curtain


Check out this great tutorial of a carnation curtain created by the Blooms team. This is perfect for outdoor events or can be used as a back drop for photo booths! Add this easy-to-make special decorative flair to any event!


Elegant Carnation Chandelier


This couple went all out with this floral chandelier by adorning it with pink carnations and greenery for their sophisticated garden themed wedding. We love the cascade of fancy carnations paired with the dark green of the foliage!


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Pete Cranston.


Exotic Carnation Garland Decor


You can create garlands and lei necklaces using carnations and fishing line! This bride chose to string orange carnations and used them as chair decor for her special day! These long-lasting blooms will add bright pops of color and can be incorporated into almost any design theme!


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Sabine Scherer Photography.


Luscious Carnation Pomander Centerpiece


Carnations inserted into floral foam spheres help to create this gorgeous and whimsical centerpiece. We love this pastel toned arrangement! This would be perfect for a bridal or baby shower!


Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Jasalyn Thorne Photography.


We know that you want to see more! Click here to see how carnations can be budget friendly with this “Save Don’t Splurge” post! Now, it is your turn! Tell us why you love carnations!


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