tulips are readily available

Nothing says “Spring” like seeing tulips pop up in your garden. Like many other spring flowers – think daffodils, hyacinths, and irises – these beautiful blooms bring rich, vibrant color and texture to any bouquet or arrangement.  We especially love the tulip for its availability:  Unlike some of its spring friends, wholesale tulips are readily available throughout the year. They are mainly grown in Holland and shipped all around the world.

Known for their amazing color variation, tulips symbolize “perfect love”, making them exquisite in wedding flowers and charming as gifts.  You can find these beauties in pink, red, orange, peach, white, yellow, purple, and even bi-colored varieties. Standard tulip buds are elegant and sleek, with one bloom per stem standing straight and tall. These blossoms have a cupped and starred shape which makes them quite unique compared to other varieties of flowers. Other varieties, like parrot tulips and fringed tulips, offer ruffled petal edges for additional texture.

Arranging Tulips Year-Round

One of the most attractive qualities about tulips is that they are available to customers all year long! This makes them a very versatile flower that can be incorporated into an endless variety of arrangements, from classic to quirky. Tulips pair beautifully with hydrangeas, roses, lisianthus, stock, and gerbera daisies.

Follow these helpful guidelines to make the most out of tulips throughout the year:

  • In the spring and summer time, use tulips that are pink, yellow, orange, red, white, and purple for bright designs. Use softer colors for Easter arrangements.
  • During the winter months incorporate red and white tulips for a seasonal holiday arrangement.
  • As fall approaches yellow, orange, peach, and white tulips will help add a festive feel to any floral arrangement.


How Many Stems of Tulips Will I Need?

Follow this easy guide to see how many tulips you’ll need to make bouquets and arrangements.

Type of ArrangementNumber of Stems
Bridal Bouquet20-30 Stems
Bridesmaid's Bouquet 15-20 Stems
Small-Medium Sized Centerpiece 10-15 Stems
Boutonniere/Corsage1-2 Stems


Terrific Tulip Arrangements

We love finding wedding arrangements that perfectly exhibit the true beauty of flowers. Here are some great examples showing the usage of tulips!


Colorful Tulip Floral Crown

Add a splash of color to your wedding attire by wearing a stylish tulip floral crown. This bride combined yellow, orange, red, pink, and purple tulips for a festive feel. It certainly adds a lot of cheer to any special day!

tulips are readily available

Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Lisa Dolan Photography.


Elegant Cascading Tulip Bridal Bouquet

This gorgeous bouquet combines peach garden roses with white tulips and a cascade of amaranthus hanging green. We love the classic look of this arrangement and how its soft colors compliment this bride’s gown.

tulips are readily available

Featured on Mod Wedding and photographed by Stephen Karlisch.


Tulip and Citrus Centerpiece

Are you having a summer wedding this year? This centerpiece would be the perfect inspiration for you then! Peach tulips, peach spray roses, lavender stock, cream roses, and white hydrangeas are arranged together and finished off with orange slices to provide a creatively whimsical and tropical feel.

tulips are readily available

Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Andi Mans Photography.


Simple Yet Sophisticated Tulip Aisle Arrangement

Sometimes it is best to keep things simple. This bride chose to arrange tulips in tall cylindrical vases with stones on the bottom along the aisle on her special day. This exemplifies minimalism at its finest!

tulips are readily available

Featured on Style Me Pretty and photographed by Adrian Photographers.



How can you not love these wholesale flowers? They are the perfect choice for almost any design. Do you want to see more? Learn to make an easy DIY centerpiece here that wonderfully showcases beautiful wholesale tulips!

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