The secret to picking the perfect flower bouquet is to choose your dress first! It is all about matching the style and color of your wedding dress. If your wedding dress is elaborate, it is best to pick a simple bouquet, so it does not take away from the details of the dress. If you have a simple dress, complement it with a traditional bouquet. For a minimalistic style, keep the bouquet simple. Always remember, don’t hide behind the flowers, a flower bouquet should complement your dress and not confuse the beautiful details.

Think about the shape and size of your bouquet, carefully incorporating flowers, color, and heirlooms. Remember – when taking photos- relax, think of your posture, and hold your bouquet slightly away from your dress below your hip so you can see the gorgeous silhouette of your dress. Here are six types of wedding bouquets from which a bride can choose.

Round Bouquet

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The round bouquet is a simple, timeless, and considered a traditional style bouquet. Typically it is a tight cluster of flowers for density, or it can be made loosely for an airy feel. Flowers you select for this bouquet influences the formality of the bouquet shape. Perfect for all wedding dress styles! Use flowers such as roses, carnations, anemones, or any round flowers.


Pageant Bouquet

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Pageant bouquets can be known as an “arm sheath” bouquet. Usually made with long stem flowers. The bride cradles the bouquet in her arms, and the long stems are exhibited. The design of the bouquet can be modest or elaborate by design. This bouquet is an alternative for a more modern wedding or vintage wedding. It is a popular choice of flowers to create a pageant bouquet are roses, orchids, calla lilies, snapdragons, greenery and any flowers with long stems.


Cascade Bouquet

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The cascade bouquet is referred to as “shower bouquets,” this is the most formal and traditional style bouquet. Roundish at the top, this bouquet narrows into a point at the bottom. The late Princess Diana carried this style as her bridal bouquet. It became popular in the 1980s and has made a revival in recent years. It is designed to spill gracefully over the bride’s hands and flows downward for a sophisticated stylized look. Usually, this style of bouquet is enhanced with ivy and fresh greenery. Any flower can be used in this designed bouquet. Garden roses look beautiful in this bouquet!



Nosegay Bouquet

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You may have heard of the nosegay bouquet referred to as “tussie-mussie.” This bouquet has been around since the Middle Ages. It is round-shaped and is a compact cluster of flowers. The stems are wrapped tightly with desired ribbon or burlap. Traditionally these bouquets feature a few focal flowers, filler flowers and framed with lots of fresh herbs or greenery. Nosegay bouquet is considered a trendier bouquet made for brides and very popular for bridesmaids in a smaller arrangement. Make this bouquet with focal flowers as roses, garden roses, spray roses, calla lilies, and hydrangeas.



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A pomander is a ball of flowers referred to as a “kissing ball,” made with floral foam made with a decorative ribbon loop. Flowers used to make pomanders are typically the same size bloom size and touch or overlap in design to fill the floral foam ball. You can use less expensive flowers than a traditional bouquet and is mostly used for flower girls and as ceremony décor. Make flower balls with roses, carnations, sunflowers, baby’s breath, or chrysanthemums.


Posy Bouquet

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Posy bouquets are a small and round bouquet, which is a mix between round and hand-tied. This bouquet is easily held in one hand. The Posy is a popular bouquet for brides and bridesmaids because of the ability to use all varieties of flower types and shapes rich in color. This bouquet can be constructed loosely with hand-wrapped stems, color-coordinated ribbon, and embellished trim. Perfect flowers for this bouquet are garden roses, peonies, roses, gerberas, tulips, and ranunculus.

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