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Dendrobium Dyed Blue Large Flower

This item is sold by the bunch.

10 stems per bunch.

1 to 7 bunches

$35.50 per bunch

8 or more bunches

$33.13 per bunch



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Common Names: Galaxy Orchids


If you need to plan a fairytale themed wedding, birthday or other celebration, dyed blue Dendrobium orchids are a perfect choice. These flowers have beautifully delicate blooms that are still sturdy enough to stand up to use in a bouquet or centerpiece, or even as a decoration in the hair of the flower girl herself. The ethereal blue/purple and white tones of the petals bring a feminine touch to any arrangement, while the ornate shape hints at class, elegance, and style.

Whether you plan to use these Dendrobium orchids on their own as a simple centerpiece or pair them with flowers that have complementary colors for a fuller outcome, you’re sure to create an arrangement that will please even the most discerning guest.