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Carnations Moonlite Fancy

Common Names: Moonlite Carns

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 20.

20 or more stems $1.70 per stem
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Complement any contemporary or whimsical floral design with these deep lavender purple Moonlite carnations! These exceptionally eye-catching bright purple blooms add a wild pop of color in any centerpiece, bouquet or large installation, such as a flower wall or backdrop. They also make a cost-effective alternative to peonies and provide the same ruffled, textured look when you bunch three or four stems together. Lasting carnations are a florist’s favorite thanks to their hardiness. You can expect your fresh-cut blooms to last between five and 12 days, depending on the environment, without wilting. They’re also very easy to care for. Use these vibrant purple carnations for your festive fundraiser or special event! They can also be displayed on their own in a mason jar or antique vase for a rustic centerpiece. 20 stems per bunch.

Size: Stem will be approximately 30cm long, while the blooms can be as large as 2 inches when fully bloomed
Vase Life: 5-12 days, depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Use on their own in medicine bottle for a rustic, whimsical centerpiece. These flowers are also perfect for creating hanging floral installations!

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