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DIY Rose Prep Floral Supply Kit
DIY Rose Prep Floral Supply Kit

DIY Rose Prep Floral Supply Kit

A single package includes the following:

1 Each of Oasis Floral Scissors
1 Each of Pairing Knife (3-1/4")
1 Each of Thorn Stripper
1 Each of AquaPlus Flower Food Powder (10 oz.)



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You’ve taken the time to select the most beautiful roses for your DIY wedding arrangements, so don’t let them go to waste by using the wrong supplies. This DIY Rose Prep Floral Supply Kit from Blooms by the Box has everything you need to keep your flowers looking fresh and beautiful so you can create stunning bouquets and centerpieces that will be a hit.


Oasis Floral Scissors: Use these specially designed floral scissors to cut the stems and rehydrate your DIY flowers. Unlike regular scissors, the Oasis Floral Scissors have ridged edges to cut through stems without crushing them! It is recommended not to use these to cut any other materials, however, as this will dull the ridges.

Paring Knife Red (3 1/4”): Our specially designed paring knife is perfect for making sharp, clean stem cuts while arranging fresh cut roses. Clean cuts allow the flower to rehydrate faster, which will keep them in perfect condition for you DIY event!

Thorn Stripper: Nobody wants sharp thorns in the DIY bouquets! Drag the thorn stripper down the stems of your wholesale roses to remove thorns quickly and easily without hurting your hands.

Aquaplus Powder: Hydrating your wholesale roses correctly with flower food significantly increases their vase life. The value-size 10 oz. container will be more than enough to keep your flowers happy and healthy for your DIY event!

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