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DIY Wedding Floral Supply Kit
Wedding Floral Supply Kit

DIY Wedding Floral Supply Kit

A single package includes the following:

1 Each of Oasis Floral Scissors
1 Each of Pairing Knife (3-1/4")
1 Each of Spool Wire Green (23 gage, 1/2 lb)
1 Each of AquaPlus Flower Food Powder (10 oz.)
1 Each of Crowning Glory Clear Spray Bottle (32oz)
1 Each of 1/4" Waterproof Floral Tape (60 yd)
1 Each of 1/2" Green Floratape Stem Wrap (3 rolls)
1 Each of Bouquet/Corsage Pins 2" White Tear Drop (144 box)
1 Each of Boutonniere Pins 1.5" White Round (144 box)



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Brides creating DIY wedding flower arrangements usually try to stick to a budget — luckily, Blooms by the Box created this DIY Wedding Floral Supply Kit with everything you need at the best price.


Oasis Floral Scissors: Use these specially designed floral scissors to cut the stems and rehydrate your DIY flowers. Unlike regular scissors, the Oasis Floral Scissors have ridged edges to cut through stems without crushing them!

Paring Knife Red (3 1/4”): Our specially designed paring knife is perfect for making sharp, clean cuts on the stems of wholesale Gerber Daisies, Ranunculus, and Carnations. Clean cuts allow the flower to rehydrate faster, which will keep them in perfect condition for your DIY wedding!

Spool Wire Green (23 gage, 1/2 lb): Floral wire is an essential tool that can be used to strengthen and hold your flowers’ stems together, or can be used to add flowers with short or floppy stems to an arrangement – like Succulents, Ranunculus, and Gerber Daisies!

Aquaplus Powder: Hydrating your wholesale flowers correctly with flower food greatly increases their vase life. The value-size 10 oz. container will be more than enough to keep your flowers happy and healthy for your wedding on a budget!

Crowning Glory Spray Bottle (32oz): This solution can be used as a finishing spray as well as a hydration solution!  Crowning Glory Spray is perfect for keeping your DIY boutonnieres hydrated while they are out of water, and can also be used for centerpieces and bouquets to keep their petals looking perfect for you Pinterest-worthy wedding!

1/4" Waterproof Floral Tape (60 yd): Floral tape that adheres to itself when pulled tight, needed for creating bouquets, boutonnieres, and tied arrangements.

1/2" Green Floratape Stem Wrap (3 rolls): This slightly wider stem wrap stick to itself when it's pulled tight, which makes it perfect for creating your DIY bouquets, boutonnieres, and corsages.

Bouquet/Corsage Pins 2" White Tear Drop (144 box): The length of these pins and their beautiful teardrop heads make them perfect for attaching a corsage to the Mother of the Bride’s dress. They can also be used to secure the ribbon or burlap wrapped around your gorgeous DIY bouquets!

Boutonniere Pins 1.5" White Round (144 box): These pins are the perfect size for attaching boutonnieres to the suits of the handsome groom and his groomsmen, and can also be 

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