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Bells Of Ireland Bulk
Bells of Ireland

Bells Of Ireland Bulk

This item is sold by the bunch in multiples of 10.

Stems/Bunch: 10

10 or more bunches

$16.63 per bunch



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Common Names: Shell Flower, Molucca Balm

Standing tall and proud, Bells of Ireland garner lots of praise for their unique hue and their cup-shaped green calyxes. Contrary to popular belief, Bells of Ireland are not native to Ireland! They are actually native to areas of Turkey, Syria and the Caucasus. In floral lingo, Bells of Ireland are known to be a lucky flower and are often sent as a good luck flower! Also referred to as shell flower and molucca balm, bells of Ireland are a part of the mint family. Upon closer examination, you will find small white flowers buried deep inside. Bells of Ireland are infamous for weddings, graduations, anniversaries and any occasion where you want to spread some good luck. In addition to their charm, they have a lovely, sweet scent that softly fills the air.

Bells of Ireland dry very nicely and make wonderful additions to a dried flower arrangement!

Stems/Bunch: 10
Flowers/Stem: 15-25 blooms
Size: 24"-36"stem, blooms are 1"-2" long
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $ $
Suggestions: Bells of Ireland couple well with bright flowers. They also look quite astonishing with more contemporary all-foliage arrangements. Because of their height, they look beautiful with long-stemmed flowers in tall arrangements. To achieve this look, use calla lilies, exotic red ginger, stock, delphinium, snapdragons or lisianthus.

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