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Carnations Moonaqua Fancy

Common Names: Moonaqua Carns

This item is sold by the stem in multiples of 20.

20 or more stems $1.70 per stem
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Our wholesale lavender moon carnations are truly a sight to behold! Featuring a larger, ruffled bloom, these frilly light purple carnations are the perfect choice for any budget-minded DIY’er who wants the popping texture and lusciousness of garden roses or peonies without the high price. In fact, you can combine three or four stems of Moonaqua carns to create the same frilly look as peonies without the high cost. These elegant, multi-layered blooms feature a romantic pale lavender hue that’s perfect for weddings, baby showers, fundraisers and special events. We love carnations because they’re amazingly affordable, long-lasting and easy to care for. Use them for your dainty bouquets and arrangements or employ them in your hanging installation or floral wall for a lush, abundant look. You can also style them solo or with a bit of baby’s breath in an apothecary jar for a rustic, whimsical centerpiece 20 stems per bunch.
Size: Stem will be approximately 30cm long, while the blooms can be as large as 2 inches when fully bloomed
Vase Life: 5-12 days, depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Use on their own in medicine bottle for a rustic, whimsical centerpiece. These flowers are also perfect for creating hanging floral installations!

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