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Brown Leonidas Rose

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The Brown Leonidas rose is a warm, copper-hued rose making it a sophisticated addition to any rustic DIY event. The sunset-like hues feature softly curved petals and shades that vary from lighter copper to darker rust. Upon closer examination, you will also notice hints of cream and pale yellow tones on the petals, creating an almost ombre-like effect. This rose is perfect for autumn weddings, parties or any event when you are going for an earthy look and feel. Accent the creamy undertones with similarly hued florals such as cream lisianthius, cream vendela roses and stock flowers.

For a woodland-theme event, group together a series of brown Leonidas roses with cherry brandy roses, red hypericum, seeded eucalyptus and lush succulents. To truly bring home the rustic look, arrange the blooms in a woodland planter or a natural willow design tray. Add vibrancy to a Thanksgiving table when you mingle this rich rose with yellow button poms, orange calla lilies and green hydrangea.

Size: 40 cm stem length (15.7 inches), rose head about 2.5 inches wide

Vase Life: 5-7 days depending on environmental conditions
Availability: All year
Suggestions: This rose is great for autumn weddings, or any DIY event that merits an earthy feel. This rose works well with cream flowers. Cream lisianthus or stock give the impression of wildflowers and add to the rustic theme.
Check out our YouTube video tutorial on Preparing Wholesale Roses for Arrangements!

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