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Cymbidium Orchid Spray Pink

Common Names: Cymbidium Orchid

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Pink orchids have long been used to symbolize grace, joy, happiness, innocence and femininity, which is one of the many reasons they have become classic choices for bridal bouquets, birthday parties and other celebratory occasions. Bring a touch of elegance and beauty to your event by incorporating pink Cymbidium orchid spray into your arrangements.

Each stem has eight to 10 gorgeous blooms measuring 3.5”-5” across, making them a perfect choice for a standalone bouquet or included with complimentary flowers. One of the most visually pleasing combinations is a few stems of pink Cymbidium orchid spray with peonies and spray roses to create a delicate and ethereal arrangement. To bring in more yellow tones, try playing off of the yellow in the center of these orchids by combining them with yellow freesia and ranunculus. Approx 8-10 blooms per stem.

Size: 18”-24” Stem Length, 3.5”-5” Bloom Width

Vase Life: 7-10 Days Depending on Environmental Conditions

Availability: All Year

Suggestions: Try using pink Cymbidium orchid spray as a unique centerpiece by creating a water-filled arrangement to submerge the flowers.


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