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Mini Cymbidium Green

Common Names: Boat Orchids

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Embrace your green thumb and love of all things natural with these mini green Cymbidium orchids. A smaller version of their standard-size cousin, these stems have four to five blooms per stem, each with a pleasingly light fragrance.

Use these mini green Cymbidium orchids as statement pieces on their own or weave them into arrangements to add height and color dimension. The blooms of these orchids are a unique and beautiful green with a hint of purple running along the spine of each petal, which ties in perfectly with the burgundy flecking present in the center “tongue” of the bloom. Mini green Cymbidium orchids are perfect for DIY wedding bouquets, tropical backyard parties, elegant fundraisers or any other event. Approx 4-5 blooms per bunch.

Size: 12”-15” Stem Length, 3” Bloom Diameter

Vase Life: 7-10 Days Depending on Environmental Conditions

Availability: All Year

Suggestions: Pair these mini green Cymbidium orchids with their purple cousins to create a multi-tonal cascade from a DIY bridal bouquet.


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