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Iris Purple

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Stems/Bunch: 10

1 to 4 bunches

$22.27 per bunch

5 to 19 bunches

$21.90 per bunch

20 to 49 bunches

$21.14 per bunch

50 or more bunches

$20.39 per bunch



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Common Names: Flags, Fleur-de-lis, Eye of Heaven

Purple and yellow are direct opposites on the color wheel, making these purple irises with yellow throats an example of the perfect color combination. Each fresh iris features a display of richly saturated purple petals that open fully to expose a striking yellow throat with a hint of blue. Like so many other purple flowers, the history of irises dates back many centuries — as far back as Ancient Greece. Iris means “rainbow” in Greek, and fittingly, the Iris goddess was believed to have delivered messages between heaven and earth by way of a rainbow. During the Middle Ages, the meaning of irises became associated with the French monarchy and soon the fleur-de-lis — a stylized lily — became the national symbol.

Available year-round, irises look radiant for all occasions and seasons. In addition to pairing them with complementary yellow flowers, they look divine all on their own. Arrange them in galvanized watering cans, woodland containers or Mason jars accented with ribbon or raffia for a rustic, outdoor wedding. For a bouquet filled with lots of texture, include Billy balls, yarrow, and stems of Solidago. When the occasion calls for a formal look, try mixing them with elegant calla lilies, stephanotis or roses. 

Stems/Bunch: 10
Flowers/Stem: 1
Size: 18"-24" stem with 2.5"-3.5" flowers
Availability: January-December
Vase Life: 5-7 days
Price Class: $ $
Suggestions: Iris is a great single purple flower bouquet. Tie a bunch of open iris together in a hand-tied bouquet for an elegant, simple, colorful wedding bouquet.

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