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Curly Willow Tips

This item is sold by the bunch.

1 to 9 bunches $26.73 per bunch
10 or more bunches $24.92 per bunch
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Add a rustic look to your fall wedding with wholesale Curly Willow Tips from Blooms by the Box. This lovely and unique filler is actually dried willow tree branches. These thin, brown branches reach straight up and curl at the ends to create a whimsical autumn feel. The meaning of these Curly Willow Tips is flexibility and adaptability. This means that they will make a great addition to a variety of different floral arrangements.

The long length of these willow tree branches makes them ideal for use in large DIY centerpieces and bouquets. Pair them with greenery and flowers to create floral arrangements with unique texture. You can also place them in the bottom of a vase to make a natural grid. In this way, they can hold your other flowers together to make them look more voluminous without using too many flowers.

Order your bulk Curly Willow Tips by the bunch from Blooms by the Box. Each bunch contains approximately 10 branches.

Size: 3.5-4 feet long
Vase Life: Multiple months
Availability: All Year
Suggestions: Curly willow tips are great for large arrangements. They give a very cutting-edge look when placed with the right vase and flowers. For a DIY wedding centerpiece, put curly willow tips in a vase and then place blooms or jewels sporadically within them. ANOTHER popular use for curly willow includes putting them in the bottom of a vase to make a natural grid, this will hold flowers together and allow you to use less flowers!

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