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DIY Video: Sunflower Series: How to Make a Tulip Boutonniere

Sunflower Series: How to Make a Tulip Boutonniere

Learn how to make a boutonniere for your wedding, prom, or special event! For this boutonniere, we used a purple tulip, a pink filler (statice or limonium), floral tape, and some twine or hemp. This tutorial will take you step-by-step through each process of making a boutonniere. We left nothing out!

How many flowers do I need to make this Tulip Boutonniere?

  1. 1 Stem of Tulip
  2. 3 Stems of Misty Blue Limonium

What floral supplies do I need to make this Boutonniere?

  1. Floral Tape
  2. Jute Twine
  3. Floral Shears for trimming your flowers and greens

How do I make a Tulip Boutonniere?

  1. Cut stems 4 inches.
  2. Pair together the tulip and Limonium.
  3. Tightly tape and wrap stems with floral tape.
  4. Finish boutonniere by wrapping stems with jute twine and tie a tiny bow or knot.
  5. Cut stem to desired length.

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