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Limonium Misty Blue

Common Names: Caspia, Statice, Sea Lavender

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Delicate and ethereal, Misty Blue Limonium makes a beautiful addition to any DIY bouquet, centerpiece or other floral arrangements. This gorgeous lavender filler flower features branching heads of tiny light purple flowers. The cool colors and almost frothy look of these flowers earned them the common names of Sea Lavender, Sea Foam and Marsh Rosemary. In reality, this filler flower is a type of Statice. Use this Misty Blue Limonium fresh or add it to dried flower arrangements.

The meaning of Statics is remembrance, sympathy, and success. This makes it an extremely popular flower for memorial wreaths and funeral bouquets. It can also make a great addition to a graduation bouquet or other celebratory floral arrangement, as one of its meanings is a success. Pair this lovely filler flower with other elegant and dainty flowers, such as roses and calla lilies. Its lavender color is also perfect for softening bright arrangements.

Order your wholesale Misty Blue Limonium by the bunch from Blooms by the Box. There are approximately 8-10 stems per bunch.

Size: 20"- 26" stem length
Vase Life: 7-10 days
Availability: All year
Suggestions: Purple limonium looks best with more elegant dainty flowers because it is so fine and delicate. If you're going for a more traditional look, try roses. If you're going for a more modern look, try this filler with calla lilies. This filler is a unique color and does a great job in piecing together colorful arrangements. You need a filler to break up bright arrangements, and this is a perfect choice.

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