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"How many flowers do I need for my wedding bouquet and arrangements?".

After more than 20 years of providing bulk flowers to customers, that is the question we hear most often at Blooms by the Box. It’s an important, question, too: Budgets are always tight for weddings. Money you spend on flowers could also be spent on catering, entertainment, venue or favors, so it’s critical that you order what you need. Another factor to consider is that flowers have limited windows of availability, so it’s important to get the amount you need all at once.

If you’re here, then that means you know you can save a lot of money by ordering flowers in bulk, so you are already ahead of the game, and well on your way to an enchanting event. You’ve already learned about texture, composition, line and balance when designing arrangements. This page is dedicated to helping you get the right amount of flowers so that you can make everything you need.

Use these flower quantity charts to figure out how many bunches or stems you need for your DIY flower arrangements. Calculate your quantities based on the size of the arrangement, type of flowers and budget. (Remember that it doesn’t hurt to order a few extras in case of goofs.)

A mixed bouquet is referring to a bouquet with a rotation of focal flowers, secondary flowers, fillers, and greens. Focal flowers include flowers like garden roses and orchids. Secondary flowers include spray roses, pompons and ranunculus. An example of fillers includes queen anne's lace and wax flower. Greenery includes products like eucalyptus, pittosporum and ruscus.

The single flower variety bouquets listed below will give you an idea of how many flowers to make a single flower variety bouquet based on each flower's size.

As always, contact our staff of experts for more information or help figuring out stumpers. We love talking to customers about flowers, and we’ve learned plenty of tips and tricks that we’d love to share with you.

How Many Flowers Do I Need For Bouquet Arrangements

Arrangement Stem Count for
Small Arrangement
Stem Count for
Medium Arrangement
Stem count for
Large Arrangement
Mixed Bouquet
(Focal Flower, Secondary Flower, Filler, and Greens)
10 stems 18-20 stems 25-30 stems
Peony Bouquet 3-4 stems 6-9 stems 10-12 stems
Garden Rose
3-4 stems 6-9 stems 10-12 stems
2-3 stems 4-5 stems 6-8 stems
Rose Bouquet 8-12 stems 18-20 stems 21-25 stems
Baby's Breath
¼ bunch ½ bunch ¾ - 1 bunch
4" by 4" by 4"
Square Vase
10 stems 15-20 stems 25-30 stems
in Mason Jars
6-8 stems 10-15 stems Not recommended

How Many Flowers Do I Need For Boutonnieres and Corsages

Arrangement Focal Flowers Filler/Secondary
Boutonniere 1 stem 2 stems 1 pruned stem
Corsage 2 stems 2 stems secondary
2 stems filler flowers
1 pruned stem

NOTE: This information is intended to be used as a guideline based on moderately opened, average size flower heads. Quantities should be adjusted based on stylistic preferences and natural variations in flower sizes.

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