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"Line" is a rather simple tool that acts as a guide in making your own flower arrangements. Line is the primary tool for structure and shape of each arrangement. You can use these concepts to help guide you through the construction of your DIY flower arrangements.

Flowers with good line example Amaranthus, larkspur, snapdragons, and willow tips are excellent line "creators"

Line provides floral arrangement shape and structure

Learning how to use certain flowers will teach you how to make different arrangements. For example, to make a tall arrangement you will need to use a vertical line flower to create height, such as a larkspur or snapdragon

Line creates a path for your eyes to follow

Using line to place flowers and point them in the desired direction makes a path for your eyes to follow.

Flower design with line

For example, if you make a low table arrangement that scales horizontally across the table, you are encouraging the eye to travel horizontally and follow the line and direction of the stems. This also goes for other designs, pointing flowers using line and direction will increase the interest in your designs.

Using Line to Define Shape and Size

Line is used to make the appropriate arrangement for the appropriate space. Larger and taller arrangements are used for the altar and ceremony pieces at many weddings,while shorter pieces are used during the reception to enable more view around tables. Use line to create shapes and sizes appropriate for the spaces you are in.

The bride and groom's table often have a horizontal arrangement that creates line in an appropriate way so that all the guests can still watch the happy couple. Table arrangements can be low, allowing all your guests to converse across the table.