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Tulip White

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White tulips are a spring holiday bouquet staple, but with wholesale ordering from Blooms by the Box, you can get them year-round. Our white tulips will look simply stunning in a winter arrangement as well! This classic symbol of love is featured heavily in many religions, making it perfect for an Easter floral design. The Dutch have long enjoyed its symbolism, considering it a symbol of how brief and precious life can be. 

Pair them with their garden rose buddies or burgundy daisies for a fresh-picked-from-the-backyard look. Include the greenery for a fuller presentation.

Size: Buds will be about 2" long and 1" wide upon delivery. Stems are about 10-12" long (size varies)

Vase Life: Seven to 10 days, depending on environmental conditions

Availability: Generally all year

Need a little help with your DIY arrangements? “Attend” one of our online classes! Our video tutorials will help guide you through the process of creating beautiful centerpieces, gifts and more. You don’t have to be a floral designer to make stunning arrangements!



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