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Tulip Hot Pink

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The hot pink tulip is delicate, bright, bold and charming. Tulips are  an instant reminder of spring! Your arrangements, of course, don’t have to only happen in the spring. With Blooms by the Box, you can enjoy tulips in your bouquets year-round. Tulips really came into popularity in 1600s Holland, when Turkish traders introduced them to the Dutch. They loved the flower so much, it was even a form of currency! Show your friends, family or partner you love them with the gift of historic affection with an arrangement featuring hot pink tulips. Pair these whimsical blooms with ranunculus, eucalyptus and more, mixing textures as you go!

Keep your tulips out of direct sunlight. Because they are phototropic, these flowers will follow the light. Rotate as needed or place directly under a light source to keep the stems straight if desired.

Size: Buds will be about 2" long and 1" wide upon delivery. Stems are about 10-12" long (size varies)

Vase Life: 7-10 days depending on environmental conditions

Availability: Generally all year

For necessary items like containers, floral foam, ribbon and more, shop our floral supplies. Creating beautiful, quality arrangements at home is much easier with the right tools. You wouldn’t bake a cake without all the right ingredients, would you? Be prepared with Blooms by the Box!


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