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Dahlias 5 Bunch (50 Stems) - Whites

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White is a popular color for floral arrangements, especially for weddings. It is a wonderful neutral that perfectly complements any other color it is grouped with. White dahlias have become the bloom of choice for many brides and event coordinators thanks to their unique characteristics. While they have that classic white hue, their full head and multiple layers of petals make them a pretty alternative to traditional roses and peonies. They are also more affordable. When you shop our wholesale 5 bunch of white dahlias (50 stems) you can take advantage of their beauty and affordability by creating your personalized floral designs. When you receive your shipment, you may notice some slight variations in color and size. This is not an error, just the result of something being grown in nature. Keep your blooms looking their best by always keeping them in fresh water and removing the leaves from the bottom of the stems before placing them in water.

There are so many creative ways to incorporate our white dahlias into your special day. One of our favorites is grouping them with white anemones, white astilbe, and Queen Anne’s lace. For a splash of color, pair them with yellow ranunculus or sunflowers and lush green foliage. They also make such an eye-catching boutonnière. 

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