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Create this sunset compote centerpiece using flowers in warm shades of peach, coral, and burgundy for a gorgeous glowing centerpiece. Bonsai eucalyptus draping over the edge of this compote creates a romantic look of another era. Thistle and Hypericum add texture and dimension for a captivating centerpiece!

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Lush Greenery Wedding

Posted By on Dec 2, 2017

Between loads of lush garlands and eucalyptus wrapped everything, what’s not to love about a greenery wedding? We’ve been seeing greenery at so many weddings this past year and we don’t see the trend going anywhere anytime soon. Brides are constantly coming up with unique and innovative ways to incorporate cascading leaves and big branches into their special day. Not only are there numerous types of greens that you can use for your wedding, there are endless ways you can use them. Here are some of our favorite ways to use greens at a greenery wedding!

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We couldn’t help but notice that brides have been hauling oversized bouquets down the aisle more and more these days. Big bouquets that either cascade down to the floor or fan out wider than the brides wedding dress have become quite the trend. It’s hard to miss these giant bouquets filled to the brim with beautiful blooms, but in case you needed a little inspiration, we’ve got you covered — and so do these bouquets. Here’s a roundup of the biggest oversized bouquets on the internet right now, ready to pin!

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