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DIY Woodsy Wedding Centerpiece

Posted By on Jan 7, 2015

Make Your Woodsy Wedding Centerpiece

It’s no secret that outdoor woodsy weddings are great for DIY brides on a budget. The secret is how easy it is to make a perfect centerpiece. Check out this full and step by step list, don’t forget to ask questions in the comments!

The flowers in this post include (left to right) variegated pittosporum, white trachellium, white cushion mum, white spray roses, and queen anne’s lace.

Step One: Cut/hydrate your fresh cut flowers ordered from
Step Two: Add fresh room temperature water to your vases
Step Three: Use your greens to make a low arrangement shape, criss-cross the stems to make a pattern that will act as support for the flowers you add next
Step Four: Start adding filler flowers, like trachellium and queen anne’s lace
Step Five: Then add small focal flowers like spray roses and cushion mums

This process is simple, quick, and super affordable. If you wish to create your own arrangements, the DIY Guide to Wedding Flowers is a great staring point/ resource. We recommend making simple arrangements like this to keep things from getting too overwhelming on your big day. Simple small centerpieces are much less technical than large arrangements and will save you the most time and money, especially if you have 15 or more tables! Please leave any questions you may have in the comments! Thank you for stopping by!



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The Bouquet Style of 2014

Posted By on Dec 30, 2014

The Blush Colored Romantic Bouquet Comes in First Place for the Bouquet Style of 2014!

The votes were cast the romantic blush colored bouquet filled with fluffy flowers has officially been chosen. This bouquet style has been all the rage this year, we are not surprised it takes the crown for Bouquet Style of 2014!

Fluffly Romantic Wedding Bouquet

Mirelle Carmichael Photography’s images for this
wedding can be found on Style Me Pretty! Florist : Commerce Florist

The Winning Bouquet Recipe: white peonies, pink garden rose, pink astilbe, white ranunculus, pink stock, peach spray rosespale pink roses, and dusty miller. Since this specific flower combination can get expensive we also offer similar options that are more budget friendly. To replicate this look on a budget we suggest ordering:

   garden-rose-bridal-piano-light-pink  Eskimo Rose Spray-Rose-Pink Bunch of white ranunculus

Left to right: Pink Piano Garden Roses, White Eskimo Roses, Pink Spray Roses, and White Ranunculus.

The Runner Up:  The Southern Peach and Gray Wedding Bouquet!

Southern Peach and Gray Wedding Bouquetr

Find this photo by Kristyn Hogan Photography among other beautiful
inspiration on Cedarwood Weddings, Southern Chic styled designs.

Votes determined that the Southern Peach and Gray Wedding Bouquet comes in at a close second for the Bouquet Style of 2014! We are not too surprised about this one either. The southern weddings traditions/atmosphere have become a national trend!

Southern Bouquet Recipe: Colorata Succulents, Silver Brunia, Peach Spray Roses, White Cushion Mums, Peach Stock, Rose Nena, Dusty Miller, White Ranunculus. Once again, to replicate this look on a budget we suggest ordering:

Colorata-Succulents--sqaure-no-backgroundSpray-Rose-PeachWhite-Cushion-Mum Pink-StoclDusty Miller

Left to Right: Colorata Succulents, Peach Spray Roses, White Cushion Mums, Pink Stock, Dusty Miller.

The Winner of the $30 Gift Card to BloomsByTheBox is KAREN WRIGHT! She has been contacted with her Prize! Thank you everyone who voted to make this a successful Bouquet Style of the Year!

Find this photo by Kristyn Hogan Photography among other beautiful
inspiration on Cedarwood Weddings, Southern Chic styled designs. – See more at:
Mirelle Carmichael Photography’s images for this
wedding can be found on Style Me Pretty! Florist : Commerrce Florist – See more at:
Mirelle Carmichael Photography’s images for this
wedding can be found on Style Me Pretty! Florist : Commerrce Florist – See more at:
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Wish Upon a Wedding is a non-proft organization dedicated to granting weddings to terminally ill couples that might not otherwise get the chance to have a wedding. These unbelievably deserving couples have been forced to put all of their money toward medical bills and all their time toward medical treatment.  The love stories and the beautiful weddings that join these couples warms the heart. They are granted a day to celebrate the beautiful love that has brought them together and kept them together through sickness and in health.

Just for a little taste of the magic, here is one of the many deserved weddings that was thrown for a VERY deserving couple. “After being through so much together, Judy and John finally wed in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Triple A Loft in New York’s Tribeca neighborhood, on November 2nd. With the help of a talented team of New York Wish granters, led by Christina Whitney of Whitney Events, the couple’s dream of a day they, and their family and friends, would never forget finally came true”

Don’t forget to check out watch their “Love Story” video among all the other Wish Upon a Weddings “granted wishes” page!

At BloomsByTheBox we fully stand behind this cause. In an effort to raise awareness and funds BloomsByTheBox is donating a portion of all December 2014 proceeds to Wish Upon  a Wedding. Please consider making a donation or purchasing flowers for your home this holiday.

Wish Upon A Wedding

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The Bouquet Style of The Year

Posted By on Dec 10, 2014

Vote For Your Favorite Bouquet Style of 2014!


The popular wedding bouquet styles of 2014 ranged from casually rustic all the way to formally lush. We compiled some of the most popular styles of 2014 to collect votes and name the Bouquet Style of 2014! AND when you leave a comment voting for your favorite bouquet style, you will automatically be entered to win a $30 BloomsByTheBox gift card! We will announce the gift card winner and the Bouquet Style of 2014 on Tuesday  December 30th at 1pm, VOTING ENDS AT NOON on December 30th!

Option 1: The Nautical Bouquet

The white, golden, and navy blue colors paired with the famous navy stripe pattern ribbon is very popular. Nautical weddings have been transformed into a classy ambiance of pale blues, striped navy blue fabric, and sailing details done with taste. Do you think this bouquet style has staying power in 2015? If so, don’t forget to leave a comment voting for Option 1.

Nautical Wedding Bouquet  Styles 2014Jenn Bartell Photography and Design capture this perfect nautical style wedding
and bouquet, by Garden of Weedon. See more of the nautical wedding here.

Option 2: The Blush Colored Romantic Bouquet

A large, fluffy blush colored bouquet has been a class act in the weddings of 2014. The romantic bouquets are filled with fluffy, soft flowers that look ethereal.  The heavenly style of this bouquet demands trending flowers such as peonies, garden roses, and ranunculus.

Fluffly Romantic Wedding BouquetMirelle Carmichael Photography’s images for this
wedding can be found on Style Me Pretty! Florist : Commerrce Florist

Option 3: Rustic Wildflower Bouquet

We hope this one sticks around because it’s truly great for the DIY/budget couples looking to have a not-so-black tie wedding. Couples of 2014 created rustic wildflower arrangements for both indoor and outdoor rustic venues. BUT rustic is not just for budget couples, even Lauren Conrad DIY’ed her wedding flowers with her wedding party. Don’t forget to vote for Option 3 if you love this bouquet!

Rustic wedding bouquet styleTiffany Rebecca Photography captured this photo featured in the post
17 Beautiful Wildflower Wedding Bouquets” on, Brant Florist

Option 4: Southern Peach & Gray Wedding Bouquet

Peach, white, and gray flowers paired together creates a soft, southern, vintage style. This bouquet style was published in every big wedding publication over the course of 2014. In the beginning of the year, this bouquet could be spotted at a large southern wedding at vintage mansion with tall white columns. Luckily, the beautiful bouquet made it’s way into weddings all over the US. Vote for this sweet look if you want to see it stay at the top of the trends!

Southern Peach and Gray Wedding BouquetrFind this photo by Kristyn Hogan Photography among other beautiful
inspiration on Cedarwood Weddings, Southern Chic styled designs.

Option 5: Vibrant Textured Wedding Bouquets

There is no denying that some brides have a bright personality to match this beautiful wedding bouquet style. Vibrant textured bouquets have made comeback in 2014 with the popularity of succulents, bright dahlias, ranunculus, and peonies. The wedding industry is throwing away seasonal color rules and introducing this trendy style into fall and winter weddings too!

Bright wedding bouquet styleBouquet found on Colin Cowie Weddings

Remember, you are only automatically entered at a chance to win the $30 BloomsByTheBox gift card if you leave a comment with your vote! We are excited to see which bouquet styles are the most popular out of the trending styles this year. Please share with friends, the more votes the better!

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Time is a huge factor when you want to make a centerpiece for each table at a wedding or event. In the interest of saving time and reducing stress we, here at BloomsByTheBox, suggest making something simple, quick, yet atheistically pleasing & professional! First, purchase a vase that isn’t too wide but nice and low. This will ensure that you will be able to create an arrangement shape without floral foam. Floral foam is a great option but usually requires a little more time when making larger medium-large arrangements.


Make an Easy Centerpiece

After you have selected a medium shallow vase order your wholesale flowers. Once you receive your order, hydrate the flowers for at least 6-8 hours. If you can hydrate them overnight that is always best! Once you are ready to make arrangements, prune all the flowers and remove any lower leaves from flower stems.

In order to make a centerpiece like this one you need to have some greens, at least one types of tall flower, some secondary flowers and a filler. For this tutorial, we chose two types of tall vertical flowers that would make this arrangement look large and sophisticated. The lavender tall flower pictured above is called Lavender Stock. The tall white flowers pictured below is called a White Snapdragon.

Start out by creating the arrangement shape using the greens and then your initial tall flower. When placing your greens, create a criss-cross pattern with the stems, this will make a grid that will hold all of the flowers in place and enable you to make a perfect shape!

Step by Step Centerpiece Tutorial

DIY Wedding Centerpiece

As you can see, once you have added your tall flowers to the arrangement you can easily add secondary flowers and fillers to fill in spaces and complete the arrangement! It’s that simple! We used white spray roses, white cushion mums, and yellow billy balls as secondary flowers. Then we used purple wax flower and baby’s breath as fillers.  Making each centerpiece like this will only take about 5-7 minutes and since we used affordable flower varieties this could be done on a small budget.

Easy To Make Centerpieces

Have any questions or comments? We want to hear them! Leave us a comment below.

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