Our “Behind The Bloom” series gives our customers a chance to share their special stories and DIY experiences. Today’s Behind The Bloom is Terrah, the winner of our #MyFavoriteBlooms2 Sweepstakes who had her June wedding at Stonehouse Gardens in the Hudson Valley. Her wedding featured gorgeous hydrangea centerpieces and peony bouquets bursting with bright colors.

“Flowers were always an important aspect of the wedding to me. And I knew to get the kinds and amounts of flowers I wanted for my wedding that I’d have to DIY.  I wanted a colorful, vibrant wedding and went with pink, orange, and yellow roses, with white hydrangeas as a sort of neutral base.”

“Doing the flowers myself was a combination of Blooms By The Box, a local florist, and my own home garden. The flowers arrived Thursday afternoon and we stored them in buckets in our air conditioned bedroom with the shades drawn until the wedding on Saturday and they all looked perfect.”

“The arranging was done by myself, my Mother in Law, and my bridesmaids. I made a “master copy” of what the centerpieces should look like and everyone just replicated that since I had to zoom over to hair and makeup.”

“I actually ended up with too many flowers! We had more flowers than we had vases and at the end of the night I walked around the dance floor handing our roses to my friends!”



Photography: Julia Madden Sears


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