When you are making your own arrangements to save money, consider making some of the easier do it yourself wedding centerpieces. Just because they are simple does not mean they boring and bland! You can create easy to assemble centerpieces with lots of textures and colors. Here is a little sample of some beautifully high impact centerpieces made using the Blooms Enchanted Meadow Wildflower Pack! Super simple to arrange, extremely affordable, and fitting for any event.
Easy Do It Yourself Wedding Centerpieces

1. Order flowers online with BloomsByTheBox.com. Make sure to talk to one of our flower professionals to make sure you order the right quantities and flowers. We are always happy to help you through the process. Here, at BloomsByTheBox.com, we understand that blindly ordering flowers without talking to someone with experience can be pretty scary. That’s why we really believe in providing support and guidance to all of our valued DIY’ers.

2. When placing your order, pick a requested date of 3 days before your wedding. Since all flowers are over-nighted (to make sure they are delivered fresh), you will receive your flowers 2 days before the wedding. Hydrate the flowers upon arrival in a cool, dry, place out of direct sunlight or drafts. The day before the wedding arrange all the flowers.

3. Now that the flowers are hydrated and open all you need to do is fill the vases with water cut the stems, and plop a couple of flowers into each vase. One stem of greens, filler, and a couple of focal flowers will do the trick here!

Step 5- Yellow Wildflower Centerpieces

Making easy do it yourself wedding centerpieces will not get much more stress-free than this. The great news is that this look is really trendy right now, meaning, it’s simple but does not compromise your plans for having the beautiful wedding you want. Would you try this? DON’T forget we have a BUNCH if different color wildflower packs too!

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