There are clear floral wedding trends that you see littered all over the top wedding blogs! Sometimes the modernity of a trend requires perfection or professionalism, for example, a perfectly round and symmetrical bouquet is a little more difficult to make when your wingin’ it.  My favorite part of the current floral trends is that you don’t need to be any type of seasoned veteran of floral arranging. The floral trend throws symmetry out the window, GOOD FOR THE DIY BRIDE! This means you can pull off this look without much research or practice, which is important because you are probably insanely busy!

Photo from top Wedding Blog: Style Me Pretty

Photo by Andy Stenz

Photo from Top Wedding Blog: Postcards and Pretties taken by Melissa Tuck Photography

Photos were taken by Erica Ann Photography and Fine Art

Okay, so we all see the clear theme from these photos! It is all about the imperfection of the shape that makes these greenery filled bouquets so special. It’s nice to take comfort in the idea that an imperfect look is today’s perfect! If you want to achieve the perfectly imperfect look as a Do-It-Yourself Bride, I have a couple of tricks to help you along!

DIY Tricks to Make a Perfectly Imperfect Bouquet
1. Use delicate greenery! The most popular is seeded eucalyptus which is the exact greenery in the top three photos that hang from each bouquet. This delicate yet vine-like greenery graces a bouquet with rustic touches. Use multiples of 3 or 5 stems to outline the bouquet and give a draped look. Other perfectly imperfect greens include hanging amaranthus, ivy, and pittosporum (like the last photo). The greenery is the key to this look, so this is the only suggestion that’s a must for this look!

2.  Use 3-4 types of focal flowers, 2 types of fillers, and 2 greens. This is a way to create a highly textured look. It will force the eye to look at multiple areas of the bouquet, keeping the focus on your guests for that extra minute to appreciate the beauty. Some great textured additions to put in your bouquet include, billy balls (yellow ball in 3rd picture), wax flower filler (last photo),  hypericum filler (2nd and 3rd photos) and lisianthus, which has multiple closed buds accompany its fluffy flowers! We also have more texture advice if needed.

3. Don’t worry too much about the shape as you put together the flowers. Add flowers as you please rotating between focal flowers, greens, and fillers with the free-flowing filler near the outer edges. This method works best as a hand-tied bouquet (which saves you money by eliminating the need for foam and such). Purchasing wholesale flowers to make your bouquet and 4-5 bridesmaids bouquets can cost you as little as $150.00!


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